Princess Yachts

Chris Wetton
L&D Centre
Compliance Instructor
Princess Yachts

I attended the one-day NUCO Mental Health First Aider Course with Sue in November 2021.

I requested the course not only as I felt it would enhance my role as a Compliance Instructor here at Princess Yachts but would also make me a more rounded employee to enable me to offer this service to a colleague in need.

Mental health is a huge subject and something the world is continuing to deal with. I felt I required something to increase my understanding, and to seek a method to at least spot the signs of someone in mental crisis and what to do in that kind of situation which would enable me to signpost someone to seek advice and guidance; Sue’s course provided that.

As a former Trauma Risk Manager within the UK Armed Forces, I found the course extremely useful, conducted at a comfortable pace which allowed for plenty of discussion and added plenty of food for thought. As a First Aid at Work Instructor here at Princess, I now promote the Mental Health First Aider course to my students and also see the subject of Mental Health First Aid closely linked with physical First Aid treatment.

The course was attended by a plethora of like-minded people with a range of backgrounds and experiences and this was used by Sue to great effect. I really enjoyed the day and wish to use this opportunity to thank Sue for her work.

Farms for City Children

Victoria Yates
Farms for City Children

Sue delivered 3 Mental Health training sessions for Farms for City Children.  The sessions were insightful and thought provoking with good training materials and case studies and we left the sessions with a much better understanding of how to offer support and help.

Anne Hughes

I just want to say that having taken up nordic walking with Sue it has been both rewarding and enjoyable. It has been fun learning a new skill, one of which has taken a minute or two to grasp! The laughter that comes with the exercise is priceless. 

I would recommend to anyone that is interested in trying new experiences that they should give this a go.  It’s an all over body workout but gentle. It’s a great way to meet new people as well. Go try!!